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A workingman's style cottage in Wellington

Mortgage Finance Valuations

"We don't own this house, the bank does!" 

Not many people can afford to buy a house outright. Therefore, a mortgage is normally necessary. This is particularly true for those starting out on the home ownership journey. 

Valuewise are specialist mortgage valuation advisers.  We can provide your bank with the confidence that they can lend securely on your home. Our reports are accepted by all major banks in New Zealand.

Valuation reports for mortgage purposes are now usually ordered directly by your bank. You probably won't get to choose who will value your property.  The valuer is chosen randomly from a list of approved valuation companies. This system ensures that the chosen valuer has not been influenced by the purchaser, owner, real estate agent, banker, or anyone else involved in the transaction.

Please check with your bank or mortgage broker if you require a valuation for mortgage purposes. They will advise you on the process and cost.

You are of course welcome to contact us directly for a quote, if your bank does not need to order the valuation themselves.

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