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Wellington cottages

Buying and Selling

"Buying a house is easy! I never felt like bursting into tears "  Said no one, ever!

Remember learning how to ride a bike? What, you've still got the scars?


You may get a few more bumps and bruises in the home buying process, but never fear! Valuewise are your superheroes in the home buying process.


We love to help homebuyers navigate their way through the murky depths of home buying. Everyone gets to the destination (your own home) eventually, but the right advice can make a big difference and save you a lot of time.

Valuewise, Wellington Registered Valuers, has helped hundreds of first home buyers through the process of buying a home. We are Wellington specialists and can offer advice on locations suitable for your price bracket, negotiation tips, and where you can add value to your new home.

Are you planning to sell?


We cannot stress how important it is for all sellers to know what your property is really worth in the current market conditions. Get independent advice. As property valuers we have nothing to gain from the sale of your property - our job is to make sure you make informed and sensible decisions, and get through the process with as few scars as possible!

Now, where did I put that superhero outfit?

If you're buying or selling, please contact us to discuss how we can assist. 

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