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Welcome to Valuewise

Thank for stopping in. Valuewise is a property valuation and property advisory service, operating from offices in central Wellington City. We value in Wellington City, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, and Porirua City.

Valuewise is owned and operated by Tim Stokes. Tim has valued thousands of homes in the Wellington region, over the last 19 years. He also spent two years valuing in London, UK, and four years valuing in Vancouver, Canada.

Our combination of local and international experience helps us understand and assist clients, from all walks of life.

Valuewise Ltd director, Tim Stokes BBS MPINZ MRICS Registered Valuer

What sector of the property market do we work in?

Our work is mostly in the residential property sector. We enjoy the personal aspect of one-to-one contact with homeowners, or those looking to purchase a new home.

Dealing in the residential sector allows us meet many interesting people and help them personally in their property decisions.

So when would I use Valuewise?

  • Relationship property - you have seperated and need your share of the property value

  • Estate property - a relative has passed away and property value needs apportioning

  • Mortgage finance - usually required by your bank

  • New builds - you or your bank want to know the property's value when complete

  • Renovations - your bank needs to know the as-is value and the completed value

  • Refinancing - you're borrowing to buy a car/have a holiday, etc

  • Selling advice - you want independent advice to help in decision making

  • An insurance valuation - to ensure that your home can be fully rebuilt if needed

Something personal about us?

It's not always business. Tim enjoys playing guitar, singing, and running an international, online musicians group. Tim is known for a bit of sneaky guitar practice in the office when no one is watching.



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