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Let's Live In...Grenada Village

Affordable first homes, blessed with sunshine - the key benefits to living in Grenada Village

Grenada Village housing styles
Grenada Village housing styles


Grenada Village is situated just south of its similarly named neighbour, Grenada North. The two locations are very different from each other due to the fact they have never been linked by the long-planned-but-never-eventuated, Mark Avenue extension. Grenada Village is easily accessible, with a direct link to the Wellington Urban Motorway, or from the adjoining suburbs of Newlands and Paparangi. Originally developed in the 1970s, Grenada Village has been a focus area for residential building in the last 15 years and is one of Wellington City Council's targets for further urban growth. The suburb receives excellent direct sunlight and has attractive bush reserve areas. Housing is relatively affordable in the original portions of the suburb and there is a strong community spirit. Would living in Grenada Village suit you?


First home buyers. Those wanting a quick link to State Highway 1 to travel to Wellington or Porirua City.


  • Strong (27%) increase in population between 2006 and 2013.

  • Popular with young families.

  • Culturally diverse with a higher than average number of non-Europeans.

  • Low unemployment rate with many working in trade and technical roles.

  • Below average number of residents with university degrees.

  • Medium incomes are about $7,000 above the Wellington average.


Grenada Village was first developed in the late 1970s. The first wave of development slowed in about 1985. The suburb was only accessible from Newlands until approximately 2008, when a link to the Wellington Urban Motorway was created on the suburb's western edge.

The original homes here are single or two storey, typically lower or medium cost specification for the time period. A second wave of building commenced after completion of the motorway link. These newer homes are usually two storey, three to five bedroom family homes of above average specification.

It is obvious when driving through the suburb that there is a high level of ownership pride as houses and gardens are nearly always tidy and well presented.


We hope you've enjoyed our introduction to Grenada Village. We'll be uploading and updating this information regularly, so check back in for those updates. Also, check out our blog post on other Wellington suburbs like Wellington Central and Karori.

Have we missed something about this suburb? Can you tell us more?! Please feel free to leave comments in the area below.


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